About Us

It started at home.

We started with a small herb garden. We just bought a new home and had completed some yard repairs, leaving us with a beautiful lawn and some empty raised retainer beds. A few days and a few pots of coffee later, we had the makings of seasoning for BBQ's, cookouts, and parties for years to come.

A surprise harvest of baby carrots

From Herb Garden to TK Urban Garden

We've always loved to grow things and share the successes (and failures) that come with that with friends and family. We love the joy gathering around the table and breaking bread (and especially when it's Kanna's homemade bread) brings. That's why when we bought our first coop and two feather residents, we weren't mad when we were surprised with our first case of "chicken math" we were excited for the opportunity to share and sell eggs.

Early examples of chicken math at work.

Inspired to Grow

When COVID caused stores to shut down and groceries became tough to get, we shared (from a safe distance) with neighbors and fellow growers. When we kept burning through our coffee and tea stock, we studied and built partnerships to sell our own.

All the while, not realizing how each environment we were breaking into was so unrepresented by people like us. We wanted to not only do well in these lanes ourselves but encourage others as well.

That's why when we built this company, we were so adamant in ensuring the Urban was emphasized just as much as the Garden. Though we both grew up quite different (Tyger is a retired Navy Veteran from New Jersey and Kanna is a former Hip Hop Choreographer turned Art educator from Japan) we didn't just want to sell our products, we wanted to share our experiences.


That's also why every purchase you make has a little bit going back to veteran and gardening groups that helped people just like us. Every customer that buys a sticker, a bag of coffee or supports an event is helping our small business do things we could never imagine and we're following your example by passing a little of that along to the next person.

We hope to see you grow along with us.


TK Urban Garden