Brand Assets

The brand guidelines have been made available to ensure proper use of TK Urban Garden and TK Urban Garden Coffee & Tea's brand and assets, including any trademarks, logos and/or content.

For any use of our marks in a way we didn't cover below, please reach out to at:

Our Name

Please print our name as TK Urban Garden. There is no space between "T" and "K" and both parts start with capital letters. 

Our Logo & Wordmark

Both logos are available for use against light and dark backgrounds. It is preferred that the circular logo is used whenever possible, however; the square logo is also provided for situations where the circular is not appropriate. Our mascot is known as "Mr. Cool Carrot."



 Our Brand Colors

We use Harvest Orange as our hero color and Garden Green for accents.

Hex #D86327 #27B092 #FCF3EE
RGB 216 / 99 / 39 39 / 176 / 146 252 / 243 / 238
CMYK 0 / 54 / 82 / 15 78 / 0 / 17 / 31 0 / 4 / 6 / 1


Our Social Media

We have a few cool official social media platforms we are active on, links to them can be found below.


The Legal Stuff

Please keep in mind that these graphics are proprietary and protected under intellectual property laws.

  • Please do not alter our files/logo in any way.
  • Please allow plenty of space around our logos and wordmarks. Resize as needed but please don't crowd them.
  • Do not use them on your own products, business, promotions, etc.
  • Do not combine these graphics with other graphics in any way without our explicit written permission.